Baby goes missing and police believe the parents know more.

A baby has gone missing and the police believe the parents know more than what they are telling officials. Police General Surachet Hakpan reported on 15 January 2023 on the case. An 8-month-old male baby went missing on 15 February 2023. The baby went missing in Nakhon Pathom Province on the 5th of this month. The story seems to be very mysterious and officials are investigating every possible clue to find where the child is. The father first posted about the missing baby stating “Missing child, this is my own son. He went missing in the morning. He is only 8 months old, and villagers say they haven’t seen him. 


He had a cut on his head from a haircut 3-4 days ago. If you see this child or spot someone carrying him please contact me. Thank you so much and please help share this post. He has colorful threads on his right hand. I have filed a report with the police and whoever kidnapped him please return the baby. I promise to not press charges”. The important fact is that the police do not know if the baby is still alive. Officials believe the husband and wife know more than they are telling the police. They believe the truth is nearby, we are working as fast as we can. Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas, the police chief, has given orders to investigate the case as many people are interested in the story. 


Police have some suspicions of kidnapping, child abuse, a fight gone bad, and there is also a belief that the dad is not the genetic father. A DNA test has been done but results have not been published. As for the possibility of kidnapping, police need more time and investigation to find the truth. What officials are worried about is mainly whether the child is still alive or not. The police chief has also asked local police what they have been doing for 8 days and a meeting is to take place. Officials will also be using lie detection tests in this case. 


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FB Caption: Officials believe the parents know more than what they are telling the police


Source: Khaosod