The Pizza Company” grows beyond target and continues its strategy to offer “The Best Pizza Moment

Bangkok, June 20, 2023 – The Pizza Company showcases its impressive success after a major rebranding effort in it 22 years of history earlier. Its performance in April-May 2023 saw the brand’s growth exceeding its target, and it will continue to grow with “The Game Changer” strategy to revolutionize the pizza industry in Thailand. The Pizza Company will offer full services, offering fresh flavors with speed and modern experiences to consumers in every segment. The brand promises “The Best Pizza Moment” to impress its patrons every time through various elements, such as a loyalty program to expand its customer base, store redesign, and revamping its pizza box and deliver box design to be more eye-catching, At the same time, the core menu will be upgraded with new additions, alongside excellent services on every platform. There will be many special activities to meet the needs of consumers, reaffirming its position as the market leader, and the game changer of the pizza industry in Thailand, with ongoing improvement in terms of products and services for all consumers.

            Patt Pongwittayapipat, General Manager of The Pizza Company, under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said that over the past 22 years, the company has adapted its marketing strategies and offered delicious taste to consumers in Thailand. Throughout the years, The Pizza Company has pioneered and paved the way for the pizza industry, and its brand has been the market leader loved by consumers for a long time. To reaffirm its brand image and meet with the needs of modern consumers, The Pizza Company has undergone a major brand revamp to become “The Game Changer” who will redefine the pizza industry with fresh flavors, modern services, and unique experiences. Earlier this year, it introduced a new logo with its iconic green color which is simple but fun. New uniforms designed by ASAVA have also been introduced to make its uniforms for all employees, more modern than ever, with functionality and a youthful look. These gradual changes have communicated to consumers about the new and fresh brand image, making the brand more modern and relevant.

The General Manager also added that The Pizza Company also continues its strategy to offer “The Best Pizza Moment” to its consumers every time, with new products – both pizza and other dishes that are launched constantly, and excellent services on every platform. It also builds brand loyalty through his membership program to offer another level of experience to its consumers. The pizza box and delivery box have been redesigned to be more modern. The changes are well received by consumers and its dine-in channel has grown by 40% while the delivery business, which is its strength, has performed well with 27% growth. As a result, the brand’s April-May 2023 performance grew by around 20%.

“Consumer behaviors are always changing, and customers have diverse needs and expectations in terms of products and services from our brand. We are confident that our strategy to be ‘The Game Changer’ will result in a significant growth for our brand, and that our 2023 performance will certainly meet our target,” Patt concluded.

Wiyada Buranapakorn, Marketing Director of The Pizza Company, under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said, “The Pizza Company has implemented various strategies to offer ‘The Best Pizza Moment’ to our customers in every platform, from dine-in and take-home to delivery, in many aspects such as:

  • New Membership Program: “The Pizza Club” Member Card has been introduced with the special deals and offers throughout the year, such as free 4 pieces of chicken wings when registering, buy 1 get 1 free privilege throughout membership period, special deals every Wednesday, and 10% discount every day. These privileges can be enjoyed through many platforms, both in store and online, and membership fee is only 399 baht.
  • New Design: It has revamped its design to be more modern and attractive, starting with its store design which has been updated to resonate with the brand concept, rolling out to 100 stores nationwide by the end of this year. The delivery boxes have also been redesigned, making them eye-catching day and night, reflecting its new brand character, and raising brand recognition. The first nine motorcycles with new boxes debuted on June 16 at The Pizza Company Pantip branch.
  • New Core Menu: Core menu will be given a new twist, while new additions will be introduced constantly. Its current pizza will have more chunky toppings and new premium menus will be added. New pizza creations will also be introduced to excite modern consumers throughout the year, such as The Shabu Company campaign, the first pizza with shabu pork and meat topping, which has been met with great enthusiasm on social media and well-received by consumers.
  • New Service Model: As a game changer, it will improve its services on every channel to offer satisfaction in every step, as this will attract consumers to repeat their purchase. There will be special activities throughout the year for consumers in all ages to join, such as The Pizza Junior Chef workshops which invite children to be pizza chefs and join the workshops at 10 The Pizza Company branches before expanding to other branches nationwide.

“These are the strategies that The Pizza Company has implanted to offer The Best Pizza Moment and make our brand more than just a restaurant, but a companion in every moment for every age, starting this July,” Wiyada concluded.

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