Traffic heading North, Northeast and South getting congested

MANY people have begun travelling to their provincial hometowns before the New Year break kicks off with bus terminals getting packed while the traffic to the North, Northeast and South is starting to get congested, Thai News Agency said today (Dec 29).

At Chiang Mai train station lots of people flocked in to sleep over last night in order to queue up for free tickets on train number 102 traveling from this northern city to Bangkok at 5 a.m. This morning’s free train was so full that some passengers got tickets to only stand during the journey.

Chiang Mai station officials said that the free train has been full every day since Christmas while the sleeping berths have been booked across to the New Year. The officials warned those sleeping over at the station to watch out for their belongings because in the past people have lost their mobile phones while asleep.

Those already on the train were warned not to accept any food or drinks from strangers as thieves could very well spike it with drugs in order to steal their belongings.

At the second Phisanulok bus terminal lots of people had come to catch buses to travel to their hometowns with buses heading North and Northeast almost fully booked.

Officials here checked the readiness of buses and their operators while also warning travelers to fasten their seat belt during the journey and urged them to call 1584 and inform the authorities if they come across public buses being driven recklessly with this hotline open all 24 hours.

Meanwhile the highway police in Nakhon Ratchasima opened a special lane on Mitraphab Highway to give drivers a choice of taking a detour from kilometer 17 in Saraburi till kilometer 52 in front of Chokchai farm to ease the traffic congestion.


Top: New Year traffic heading from the North to Northeast is heavily congested.  Photo: Thai  News Agency



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