Treasury preparing commemorative coins

THE Treasury Department is getting ready to mint commemorative coins on the sorrowful demise of the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej with there being high demand to acquire them, Thai News Agency said today.

Chakkrit Parapantakul, the department’s director general, said his agency is getting ready to mint commemorative coins on the passing away of the late HM the King for the general public to keep and is right now holding talks with related units to study the coins’ design and how long the booking period should be in order to table the proposal to the Cabinet and the Royal Household Bureau to consider.

Once a conclusion is reached another announcement will be made. However Thais are very interested in buying and exchanging circulating commemorative coins and other types of commemorative coins and for this reason Mr Chakkrit has ordered the checking of the stocks of all types of commemorative coins so that there will be a sufficient supply of these coins at all units.

Meanwhile Niphon Thanongkongsawat, the Treasury Department’s expert, said almost all types circulating commemorative coins and the late HM the King’s commemorative coins are in demand for example coins marking the late HM the King’s 36th birthday of which the face value is one baht and those marking the late King’s 50th and 30th anniversaries of his accession to the throne with the coins’ face value being 20 baht but there also being one, five and ten baht denominations.

Previously circulating commemorative coins the Treasury Department issued in honor of the late HM the King included polished gold coin  with 16,000 baht  face value and sold at 30,000 baht, silver coins of  800 baht face value and sold at 1,600 baht and a white alloy coin made of copper and nickel of 50 baht face value and also sold at this price.


TOP: Some of the prized commemorative coins at the Treasury Department. Photo:  Thai News Agency



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