Truck carrying 30 illegal immigrants run into traffic pole.

A truck carrying 30 illegal immigrants ran into a traffic pole. The driver drove past a traffic stop and ran into the pole. The driver then escaped out of the vehicle away from police. The illegal immigrants later revealed they had been walking for 8 days straight and it was all for nothing. Immigration Police and related officials received information that many illegal immigrants have successfully crossed the border into Thailand. This group had travelled on foot through natural passageways and a truck would be waiting for them.



Officials set up a checkpoint in Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi Province. At around 3 am a black truck was arriving at the checkpoint. The driver slowed down but then as he got closer increased the speed and drove through the checkpoint. Police followed the truck but they didn’t get far when the truck ran into a traffic pole. The wheels of the truck fell out and the pole almost touched the ground. 30 Passengers in the back of the truck were all shocked when the incident took place. The driver used this opportunity to make a quick escape.



Senasan 20 years old one of the suspects stated he is from Myanmar. The group walked on foot for 8 days into Thailand. When they entered the country each person got on a motorbike to a boat pier where they further traveled by boat to Sankhla Buri. The truck was waiting for them and they planned to travel into Malaysia. The group’s plan was not a success and all 30 have been arrested. Senasan stated there are no jobs back in area where they are from. There is also increased dispute and they wanted to find jobs in Malaysia.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The 30 suspects walked on foot for 8 days into Thailand and wanted to enter Malaysia but the truck driver had abandoned them.

Credit: Khaosod