Win motorbike returns 50k to owner in Pattaya.

A win motorbike driver in Pattaya returned over 50,000 THB to the owner. Police in Pattaya, Chonburi Province received notification from a good civilian at 20.30 on 5 January 2024. The notification stated she found cash in front of the Gold Hotel. Police went to the location and met with the auntie. The money was found all together in front of the hotel in a busy tourist district. When the auntie found the cash she called the police right away and did not think of keeping it for herself.



Wilailak Pimnoi 58 years old is a local Win motorbike driver stationed in front of the hotel. Officials arrived and found Wilailak and the money bag. Inside the bag was foreign currency, a total of 1,500 USD and 10,800 THB. In total, with the current currency exchange rate the bag had 64,800 THB inside. The auntie found the money, called the police, and waited patiently for officials to arrive at her motorbike station. Wilailak showed police where the cash was found. The money was inside a clear plastic bag and must have been accidentally left behind by the real owner.



Police collected the money as evidence until they can find the owner. Wilailak stated she was just waiting for customers when she noticed a bag on the ground. She walked to this bag and picked it up. She opened the bag to see what was inside and realized it was a lot of cash. Wilailak notified police of her findings right away and asked them to help find the owner. Wilailak stated as soon as she saw it was money she felt worried for the real owner. The good civilian believes the owner is a tourist and may need the money for their stay in Thailand. Without this money, the owner may not have money for their hotel and flight out of the country.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Inside was 1,500 USD and 10,800 THB cash.

Credit: Khaosod