Truck rolls over with 80 buckets of paint, all gone after the crash.

A truck carrying 80 buckets of paint was in an accident and rolled over on the road. The paint was all gone after the crash, worth over 300,000 THB. The damage must be paid back by the delivery company. Nattida 25-year-old works as a supplier for a paint company in Thailand. She went to the Damrongdhama Center in Nonthaburi Province to ask for help on 2 March 2021. The woman met with Thanakorn Homchuen the center’s principle. Nattida revealed that on 20 February 2021 at 5.30 am she hired a driver to pick up paint at a paint factory in Bang Na, Bangkok to a customer in Suphan Buri Province. The truck was on road No.304 heading to the province when the driver made a sudden turn to avoid a person who was running on the road.


The truck rolled over and the crash revealed the 80 buckets of paint that was stored inside. The driver was very lucky as he is only slightly injured on one leg. Nattida further stated officials came to the location after the accident and moved the truck to a nearby police station along with the driver. The paint buckets that were not damaged were gathered and placed on the road waiting to be picked up by another truck. Nattida drove from Bang Na to the location but when she arrived not even one bucket could be found. She asked villagers who said after officials and the driver left to the police station other vehicles stopped and invited themselves to take a bucket or two each.


One came after the other and shortly after it was all sold out, with the exception that no one actually paid. Nattida went to file a report with Police Lieutenant Supachai Komkong at the Sai Noi Police Station in Nonthaburi Province. She wants to press charges on every person that took paint from the accident location. Only a few buckets were damaged in the incident, but because of those persons she has to pay damages for all buckets as they are no where to be found. The center will be working with the police station in an investigation to bring in those who took advantage of the moment.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Vehicles stopped and invited themselves to take a bucket or two, all 80 buckets disappeared.


Source: Sanook