Truth exposed after 17-year-old searches for grandmother

Netizens exposed the truth behind a 17-year-old girl searching for her grandmother, it turns out the grandmother has been abused by the teenager. The girl messaged a famous Facebook page to help look for her missing grandmother along with many more to help raise money claiming that the donations will be used to look for her granny. Another user posted online “Please tell the girl that using her grandmother as an excuse to find money is not right. The girl claims she is currently unemployed but I have found her jobs which she has denied claiming that the pay is too low. Other people have messaged her with warnings and advice but the girl has blocked them. The thing is, she is just making excuses to find easy money. 


Credit: Sanook


There are 12-13 year-olds helping out their grandparents, disabled people fighting to live. The girl has been searching for boys to sleep with even after the grandmother went missing. I for one do not believe that your granny is actually missing. You’re pretending to look for granny just to get money from other people. What are you actually thinking? All the money you make you give to boys anyway. If you know the girl personally, please give her this message. You can post anything on your Facebook, but it is not right to ask other people for money. Learn to work and find your path. For those who want to help her, think carefully before you do. I helped search for her grandmother, but I found out the truth and her grandmother is not missing, she has run away. The girl has been abusing her own grandmother”. 


The Sanook News Team has contacted Somnuek Srijan 54 years old the Village Chief in Moo3 Wang Kon Phoo Sub-district, Phetchabun Province. Somnuek revealed that Noey, the girl who claims to be searching for her grandmother has scammed 2-3 people. One victim from a different province tracked down Noey at her home after paying for a phone she never received. The Village Chief even states that he personally thinks Noey is mentally unwell. 


Onta Kaewtum 65 years old from Chompoo Sub-district stated that Noey has been abusing her own grandmother. The granny called Onta for help to hide from her own granddaughter. They were fighting about money after Noey used all her Grandmother’s old-age pension. Onta has helped the family many times to a point where he doesn’t want anything to do with Noey. The grandmother is often punched and is afraid that Noey would one day end up killing her. The girl has beaten the grandmother until she became unconscious. 


Credit: Sanook


Noey admits that she has been asking for donations online. She has fights but has never harmed the granny. Although the granny asks a lot of questions and Noey might’ve pushed the old woman a few times. Lor 61 years old a neighbor stated that he has seen Noey physically harming the granny. Sunthorn, 73 years old the grandmother states that she is living with a friend. Noey often harms her and often till she faints. Sunthorn has raised Noey since she was 2 years old. She feels extreme sadness to be abused by her own family. Sunthorn explains that Noey was a normal grandchild but in May of this year she was in a motorbike accident and injured her head. 


FB Caption: The grandmother has run away to live with a friend because Noey often physically abuses the grandmother leaving her unconscious. 

Source: Sanook