Uncle’s truck goes missing from Police Station.

An uncle has been sitting in front of the Royal Thai Police(RTP)  Headquarters after his truck went missing from a police station. He finally found the truck but only the vehicle frame was left, today he is asking for justice. Sompong Chananpai 62-year-old from Nakhon Sawan Province was found in front of the RTP headquarters on 28 October 2020 with signs written in red. The truck was discovered in a car garage, but only the vehicle frame remained, all parts of the vehicle were gone. The uncle has filed a complaint 10 times at many offices but no justice has been given to him, or an answer to what happened. 


One of the signs states “The officer responsible for the case must give me an answer to how the car was placed as a property in dispute and then sold. The car is under my name but was sold to a car mechanic named “Dang” in Nakhon Sawan”. The other sign states “The Nakhon Sawan City Police Station is responsible for this case, a police lieutenant colonel placed the car in as a property in dispute before selling the truck to a truck mechanic named Dang. Nothing has happened since then. Worst of all the uncle and auntie are facing many charges. I am here to ask for help”. 


Sompong stated he works as a farmer and in 2017 he won an auction and purchased a 2011 Mitsubishi Triton Gray Truck with a Sa Kaeo license plate for 72,000 THB. A buyer offered to buy the truck from the uncle for 120,000 THB. The buyer paid the uncle 50,000 THB and promised to bring the remaining cash within 30 days. The uncle tried to ask for the remaining money for over 90 days but the buyer claimed he couldn’t sell the truck. Nakhon Sawan Police inspected a car garage and found his truck with no paperwork as it was all with the uncle. 


Officials seized the car, filed a report, and contacted the uncle to meet with the buyer. The buyer never came to the police station. Sompong realized his car was not at the station. He found out it was with a car mechanic named Daeng. Sompong went to the car garage and only the vehicle frame was left. The uncle is having a hard time with no answers from anyone. He also cannot read so filing and reading documents is a big struggle for the uncle. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: “The car is under my name but was sold to a car mechanic named “Dang” in Nakhon Sawan”. Only the vehicle frame was found, with other parts missing. 


Source: Khaosod