Flood-hit couple travel by boats to get married

A COUPLE deeply in love got married today (Oct.23) in northern Phichit province even though it is badly flooded with the bridegroom and the procession traveling by boat over 2 meters high floodwater to reach the bride’s home, Sanook.com reported.

The bridegroom Arthit Sia-khek, 26, a mechanic who works at a factory, said he has known the bride, Miss Somruethai  Chaisaen, 22, who has a bachelor’s degree from Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, for two and half years and had asked her to marry him before the flooding started.


So today, the wedding day, although Phichit is badly flooded Arthit and his family and friends traveled by long-tail boats over 2-meter high floodwater for around two kilometers to reach the bride’s home which is currently and island surrounded the water and this took around 40 minutes.

The bride too had traveled by long-tail boat to the city to get her hair and makeup done at a beauty salon there.


Top: The bridegroom going by boat to the bride’s house. Photo: Sanook.com

Inset: The bride at the entrance of her flooded home. Photo: Sanook.com