Vehicles fall victim to Nails dumped on the road

At least 10 vehicles were affected after hundreds of nails were dumped on the road. A Facebook user shared online his story hoping that the person who dumped the nails would receive his message. It is yet unknown whether the nails were intentionally dumped on the road or if it was an accidental spill. The nails were found in front of the Nong Go school in Khon Kaen Province. Many locals have been affected by the action leaving flat tires that could possibly lead to life-threatening road accidents. At least 10 motorbikes and cars have been affected. Locals in the area are helping to clean up the road with almost a bucket full of nails, even so, there are still some left on the road.


Teerapong Sanhom a retired teacher from Nong Go, Kranuan District, Khon Kaen is one of the victims. The teacher was driving as usual when he drove over small and big nails scattered on the road. It appears that whoever dumped the nails did so over a distance of 700 meters lining the road. Some households have had 2-3 vehicles affected with at least 5-10 nails stuck in each tire. Teerapong saw another motorbike driver with a flat tire passing by his home. Other victims have come to him stating that they too have had punctured tires from the incident. Teerapong wondered why the driver happened to have a flat tire near his home and as he went outside the road in front of his home was scattered with nails, big and small.


Locals and even children are trying their best to pick up the nails hoping that other drivers won’t meet the same fate. They are trying to help other road users while taking the risk to stand in the middle of the road during day and night. It appears there are so many nails, that some have turned to sweep the nails onto the side of the road. Teerapong checked the vehicles in his home and discovered 3 had been damaged. The tires had to be repaired that costed the victim over 1,000 THB. Hopefully, the police investigation will discover who covered the road with nails and the intention behind their actions.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Locals are still cleaning up the road after someone scattered rusty nails all over the road puncturing the tires of at least 10 vehicles.

Source: Khaosod