Wanted Nigerian drug suspect nabbed

A Nigerian man against whom two court-ordered arrest warrants were issued on drug charges was arrested by Narcotics Suppression Bureau Police in Ramkhamhaeng area today (Sept.16), INN News said.

Police identified the suspect as Umemma Charles Ndubuisi, a 34-year-old Nigerian national, against whom two arrest warrants, numbers 339/59 and 248/2558, were issued by the criminal court on charges of obtaining and possessing methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine (Ice) with intent to sell and send overseas and sell there too.

The suspect was arrested in Ramkhamhaeng soi 24 area and while police did not find any drugs in his room when they later searched it they did find two bank passbooks which they seized.

The suspect has been taken to the Narcotics Suppression Bureau head office for further legal action.


Top: The Nigerian drug suspect police arrested today. Photo: INN News