Woman dies of rabies after being in contacts with 3 stray cats

A 39-year-old woman in the northeastern Thai province of Surin died of rabies yesterday (May 19, 2021) after having been in close contact with 3 stray cats which had died.

The family of 4 persons have 12 cats and 2 dogs, but the animals have never been vaccinated against rabies.

On May 7, 2021, the woman had a sore throat, got tired and could not drink water. Her husband drove her to Samrongtap Hospital for a check-up.

On May 11, she rested at home, but it got worse. Her husband drove her to the hospital again, and the doctor gave her pills for a stomach problem and stress release. His wife later could not drink water and her husband took her to the hospital again. As her situation worsened, the woman was sent to Surin Hospital.

She was in an emergency unit there during May 11-12 and a doctor said she had severe lung infection. As the situation worsened, the doctor sent samples of the woman’s saliva, urine and hair for examination to the Medical Science Department in Nonthaburi province.

Surin Public Health Office said a person bitten by a rabid dog normally dies. To stop the problem, pet owners must take their animals to a clinic to get a vaccine against rabies.