Woman finds Melo Melo pearl in sea snail.

A woman from Satun Province purchased a sea snail to have as dinner with some seafood sauce. When she went home and started preparing the snail, a melo pearl popped out. The lucky woman reveals she wants to sell the pearl with the goal to finish building her home. The Sanook News Team reported on 10 June 2021 of a local villager in the main city of Satun finding a valuable Melo Melo pearl. The woman wanted to eat a sea snail and decided to order it online. The woman is extremely happy and excited to have found the melo pearl. This is the first time she has seen a melo pearl in real life. She has also made a lot of new friends who have been visiting her at home to see the melo pearl.


Credit: Sanook


When asked what she is planning to do with the pearl, the woman states she hopes to sell it and use the money to finish building her home. Sifina Kasemsan 29-year-old stated it all started when she wanted to have a sea snail for dinner. She was planning to boil the pearl and eat it with sea food sauce. The woman went online and found a page on Facebook that sells seafood. She ordered the sea snail and it arrived on 7 Jue 2021. Sifina purchased 1 kilogram priced at 120 THB. There were 3 sea snails delivered and she planned to cook them at her sister’s home.


Credit: Sanook


She opened the first sea snail, and an orange pearl came out of the snail. Sifina picked it up, this is the first time seeing a melo pearl and she was not sure what it was a first. The woman called her husband and asked if he knew what it was, together they went on google and found out it was a Melo Melo pearl. There have been others in Thailand who found melo pearls from sea snails by accident. She opened the other 2 sea snails but there was nothing inside. The melo pearl is round and shiny with small white spots. Safina is looking forward to purchase offers. There is always someone visiting her at home asking to see the melo pearl.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The beautiful orange pearl came out of the sea snail and Sifina was shocked.


Source: Sanook