Women stole 5 kilos of fresh shrimp in hopes to pay debt.

This incident took place on the 18th of this month. A woman went to a local market in Khon Kaen, it was a fresh market where sellers sell fresh ingredients used for cooking including vegetables and raw ingredients including seafood.


Credit: Amarin TV
Credit: Amarin TV


A woman traveled by motorbike to Ban Ped in Khon Kaen province. Where she walked to a seafood stall that was selling fresh seafood. The women proceeded to take 5 kilograms of shrimp and took the opportunity when no one was looking to walk away. She quickly made her way past the market to where she parked her motorbike near the road and drove away.


Unlucky for her, there was a security camera pointing right where she parked her motorbike. The police later discovered the footage of when the incident took place. In the security video, the woman is seen carrying a big white plastic bags, the same bag she used to place the 5 kilos of shrimps in. She quickly walks to her bike and hangs the bag on the side of her bike before speeding away on her bike, in her mind she successfully stole the shrimps, but sadly theft is not so easy in today’s world.


Credit: Amarin TV
Credit: Amarin TV


The seafood shop owner recognized her face as she had come to make purchases at the shop before. The owner went to file a report with the Ban Ped police in Khon Kaen. On the 20th around 1 pm, the police were able to arrest the woman with the security footage as proof of what she had done.


Miss Yam, the woman who stole the shrimps stated while crying that she admits to the theft. She was planning to sell the shrimps for some cash as she wanted to repay 2,700 THB that she owes to a friend. Her friend has been asking her every day for the dept to be repaid. Sadly, she has been unemployed for months and did not have a source of income to save money for repaying the debt.



Yam further stated that she had no choice but to steal the shrimps. In the past, Yam worked as a chef’s helper in a local hotel. During this position, she used to buy shrimps from the same seafood shop, but she didn’t expect the owner to recognize her face.


FB Caption: She didn’t expect that the owner of the seafood shop would recognize her face.


Source: Amarin