Young groom-to-be sued for no-show

A YOUNG bride jilted by her stressed out groom bravely preformed her duty in receiving the wedding guests while her family is suing him for the no-show, Thai News Agency reported today (July 23, 2018).

However both families in central Ratchaburi province are giving conflicting accounts of what led to the last-minute fiasco yesterday, with the bride’s side saying the groom dumped her because he did not have enough money for the dowry.

They had settled on a dowry of 200,000 baht plus 4 baht weight gold a month ago, and started preparing for the wedding and sent out the invitation cards.

However a day before the ceremony, the groom’s relatives said he did not have enough money for the dowry, so it was reduced to 60,000 baht, but despite that he did not show up.

On the other hand, the groom said he only knew the bride for 2 months, getting close to her via Facebook and then sleeping with her just once. After that he distanced himself because he already had a girlfriend.

The bride later told him that she was pregnant and sent her dad to talk about the wedding.

According to him, the bride had agreed to cover the dowry herself, but when wedding day approached they asked for 100,000 baht, and as he had no money and was stressed out, so he ran away.


Top: The forlorn bride-to-be welcoming guests to a wedding that did not take place. Photo: Thai  News Agency

Below: A photo the couple took prior to the collapsed wedding. Photo: Thai News Agency

wedding photo