Zoo worried cold weather will affect animals

WITH the temperature dropping quickly in northeastern Ubon Ratchathani province people here have been warned to look after their health while the zoo is quickly laying straw to give the animals some warmth, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 3).

Veterinarian Wanchai Tanwatana, director of Ubon Ratchathani Zoo, together with zookeepers spread bales of straw around to prevent the animals under their care, totaling 370, from falling sick after the temperature dropped sharply since early this week.

Zoo 2

Animals from hot zones such as those from Africa are affected by the change in weather particularly at night when it is not only cold but also very windy. Among them are African hedgehogs, Burmese turtles and deer.

Meanwhile the Meteorological Department Office for the lower Northeast located in this province said that during November 2-3 the average temperature is 19 to 23 degrees Celsius while it will drop by another 2 to 4 degrees Celsius during November 4-8 leading to an average of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Wind gusts are upto 15-35 kilometers an hour.

All people, but particularly children, the elderly and the sick, were warned to take extra care of their health during this period.


Top: Bales of straw being laid out for the animals at Ubon Ratchathani zoo. Photo: Thai News  Agency

Inset: Some straw for the deer at this zoo to keep warm in. Photo: Thai News Agency