Chinese funded gambling, 13 arrested.

There are online gambling websites in Thailand funded by the Chinese mafia, commonly called the “Chinese Grey”. All kinds of gambling are illegal in Thailand but many can be found online. The police have arrested 13 admins responsible for these gambling websites. These arrests make it harder for the websites to continue running. 8 admins had already finished their shifts and 5 admins were about to start working for the day. Khlong Tan Police in Bangkok inspected a building on 13 October 2023. The people inside this building were responsible for running 3 gambling websites.


An employee who stated he was responsible for taking care of the 2nd floor led the police to 8 admins who were arrested. Then police received information that 5 other admins were about to start their shifts. These 5 were then also arrested when they arrived at the building. Investigation revealed the company’s owner is from Hong Kong with Thai employees. They would work Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00. Players are invited in through advertisements with English and Chinese websites. This is to support customers from China and Brazil


Information also reveals that this is the 3rd group of employees working on the websites as the first 2 groups could not reach their goal. Caretakers of the websites would make around 55,000 THB a month while the admins would make around 20,000 THB a month. The investigation will continue to help find more connections to other illegal businesses in Thailand being run by foreigners. These are illegal businesses that use Thailand as their base. The admins are facing charges of online gambling and more.


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: Customers are from China and Brazil while the owner is from Hong Kong.

Credit: Khaosod