Flash Express operating as usual.

Flash Express is a private shipping company in Thailand. Popular for extremely low-cost shipping compared to other companies. The company has come out to deny rumors that have been spreading online. A Facebook page named “Sahapap Riders” made a post that stated, “Employees have all left this company nationwide. Their commissions have been reduced and they have to deliver 200-500 items a day. Work hours are from 6 am till midnight”. Flash Express made a statement online that commissions were really reduced and this had led to items not being delivered on time.



The company is working to deliver the shipments that have been overdue. Furthermore, Flash Express denies the rumors of overworking their employees to 18 hours. The goal of 200-500 daily shipments per employee is also not true. Flash Express reported all these details in a letter addressed to the public. In the letter stated “We have been open for 5 years. Our goals have always been to provide customers with the best service at a valuable price. The company is also operating in 3 South East Asian countries. A a result of past circumstances. Many companies including ours have had to make changes to keep the business going”.



“The rumours online stating that employees of our company have been leaving is not true. We have more than 40,000 employees across the country that are still working as usual”. Flash Express is commonly used for online shopping shipping. It is not uncommon for shipping companies in Thailand to compete against each other to be the fastest and cheapest. Next day and even same day deliveries are common in Thailand for a very cheap price. Even if you are shipping from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, it is possible to get your box the next day.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Rumours of employees leaving the company are not true, but there are delayed shipments.

Source: Khaosod, Flash Express