Woman loses 12M lottery win to gambling.

A woman won 12 million THB from the lottery and lost it all to gambling. The winner has decided to come out and share her life story. When she lost all the money, all her relatives decided to cut contact with her, and she had to restart her life again. May revealed to Khaosod News on 26 June 2023 what happened. The type of gambling was online gambling and she also claims some of the money was given as a gift to relatives. The first thing she did after winning the lottery was pay off all her debts. Then she purchased a home and a car worth 4 million THB. Many relatives came to ask for money and she handed them at least 100,000 THB. 



May had a lot of relatives back then and figured she would help them out. Other things she spent money on were gold, plastic surgery, and even helped build homes for relatives. Then came the fall of her wealth. She got involved with online gambling and viewed it as an investment. May used to play online gambling even before she won the lottery. Then when Covid-19 came and during the lockdown she couldn’t work, but there were still bills due. She decided to make some money using online gambling. At first, she made a lot of money and was able to collect about 20 Million THB in her account. She used the money to buy another home and a car. 



Then a relative started gambling with her on the same account. This relative took 2.6 million THB from her. May also lost some money and felt the need to find more money to fill the void. She had to put all her assets including the homes and cars with the bank to borrow money. No matter how much she borrowed, she lost it all to gambling. In the end, she had nothing but debt. All the relatives who were talking to her went missing. People used to call her and ask to borrow money all the time. She decided to call them and ask for a few thousand THB but no one helped her out. These are the people that owed her money, but no one cared about her. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: May decided to call the relatives who she gave money to, but no one answered her calls. 


Source: Khaosod