Ambulance driver in Ayutthaya Province catches Covid-19 twice in 1-month.

An ambulance driver in Ayutthaya Province has caught Covid-19 twice in a period of just 1 month. Sanook News reported on 10 August 2021 that Wachira 39 years old, an ambulance driver for the Ayutthaya Hospital has tested positive. This comes as a surprise as it is not his first time. The ambulance driver has tested positive for Covid-19 again within a month after making a full recovery from his first time testing positive. Wachira stated that the first time he had Covid-19 he tested positive at the same time as other employees and medical personnel at the hospital. 



During the time, a total of 18 persons at the hospital tested positive for the virus in June 2021. They all went in to receive medical care and made full recovery returning to work as usual. Wachira’s wife works as a nurse in the Emergency Room and recently tested positive for Covid-19. This puts him in the group for high risk persons with many other persons in the hospital. He got tested and received news that he was positive once again in the evening. Wachira did not think he would catch the virus so fast as he believed there was higher protection for those who have been infected and made a full recovery. The ambulance driver admits he is shocked and confused because both of them have taken serious safety precautions everyday. 



Wachira stated he has an appointment to get the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on 11 August 2021. This was supposed to be his first dose of the vaccine. His wife has received 2 doses of the Sinovac vaccine and was supposed to take the Pfizer vaccine as her 3rd dose of Covid-19 vaccines. They both tested positive for the virus so the appointments will have to wait until after they make a full recovery. As for the Covid-19 situation in Ayutthaya Province there have been 339 new cases today bringing the total number of cases in the province to 12,015 cases. Out of the number 5,681 cases have made a full recovery with 6,226 still receiving medical care. The number of deaths related to Covid-19 stand at 7 cases. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Wachira the ambulance driver and his wife who works as a nurse at the same hospital have tested positive for Covid-19. 


Source: Sanook