Over 40 people uninjured in diving boat fire

OVER 40 tourists and crew of a diving boat floated in the Andaman sea until they were rescued after the diving boat they were on caught fire at 11.50 p.m. last night (March 24) as it was heading to Phi Phi island, INN News reported today (March 25).

The diving boat was on a trip from Satun to Trang, Krabi and finally Phuket and had just left Lanta island off Krabi and was heading for Phi Phi island when the boat’s engine suddenly caught fire near Koh Haa.

The tourists and crew all jumped into the sea and floated in the water before sending a radio signal for help and being rescued.

While there was no fatalities or injuries in this accident, the boat and some belongings were damaged.

This morning at 9 a.m. Lanta island police took the boat’s captain and mechanic in for questioning to find out exactly what happened.

However the tour operator has broken 3 laws with one of them governing natural parks.


Top: Sunset at Koh Lanta. Photo: Michaela Gohlke (CC-BY2.0)