5 THB Durian big seller during Covid-19 situation.

A durian seller reveals her story after her low-priced Durian became a big seller during the Covid-19 situation. The durian seller is in Sukhothai Province and sells small pieces of durian fruit at affordable prices starting at only 5 THB. The seller reveals she decided to sell small sized durian after a single mother came into her shop and wanted to eat durian, but the prices were too high. The moment made her understand that not everyone can eat the fruit, especially during the Covid-19 situation where many have lost their jobs and are struggling to get through day by day.


Credit: Khaosod


Pictures of the small sized durian pieces went viral online after netizens shared how great the idea was. You get the right amount of durian for the right price and best of all the durian meat is visible. Usually when buying a whole durian fruit you have no idea what is inside and it is a gamble to find the right one. Khaosod News team visited the husband and wife on 14 May 2021. The line waiting to buy affordable durian was over 100 meters long. Pikun 44 year old the wife stated she never expected that so many people would line up to buy her durian.



She never posted on Facebook again in fear that too many people would gather in front of her shop during the pandemic. Pikun tells customers that she will continue to sell durian this way until the durian season is over, so everyone will get to have some. Pikun stated “One day a mother and child parked there motorbike in front of my durian. The mother wanted to have some but then the son said they didn’t have enough money. I understand how that feels. So I divided the durian and gave her some. This is how it started and I will continue to sell the fruit this way”.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Pikun knew what it felt like not being able to afford what she wanted to eat.

Source: Khaosod