Aggressive Phuket Win Motorbike driver threatens passenger.

A woman was followed and threatened by a win motorbike driver in Phuket. The woman asked for a price to use his services but it was too expensive and she chose not to get on his motorbike. The driver did not like this and decided to follow her and threatened to beat the woman up. A report has been filed with the police on 10 May 2023. Facebook Page named Hod Jang in Thai shared the story. A video was posted along with the caption “So primitive, Patong win motorbike in Phuket. If you don’t go with him he will threaten to beat you up. This behavior should not be in the service industry. 



Admin will continue to work on this case. Do villagers and tourists have to deal with this? I have to ask, is this really one of the worlds leading tourist destinations? The incident took place at 4 am near the 200-year road in Patong. A woman called over a win motorbike with a 6114 Phuket license plate. She asked for a price and it was expensive so she said no. The woman stated her friend was going to pick her up. The driver didn’t like this answer and started yelling at her. Wilawan 32 years old the woman stated the usual price from this area back to her room is 50 THB but the driver wanted 70 THB. 



She even apologized but he wouldnt stop and kept getting more aggressive. It was 4 am and she was very scared. He then told her if he ever saw her again, she would be beaten up. It was dark and only 2-3 tourists passed by when he was following her. Police collected security footage and confirmed the incident along with the license plate. Offcials went to his home and invited the driver to the police station. He is in Phuket for work and has 3 children. Hopefully, this story sets an example for win motorbike drivers in Thailand. This is a service job and customers have the right to use the service or not. Acting aggressively causes fear and can result in bodily injury. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The woman apologized but the driver kept following her at 4 am. 


Source: Khaosod