American youths fined for scribbling graffiti in Silom

TWO young American youths were arrested and fined for scribbling graffiti around Silom yesterday afternoon with a Thai man’s videotape of them doing so attracting over 1.1 million viewers, Thai News Agency said today (Dec. 22).

The two young foreigners, Baizer Sachari Bruce, 29, and Joness Jessy Ristin, 22, (names translated as pronounced by police), were arrested from their hotel in Suriwong road and both warned and fined 5,000 baht.

They apologized to Thailand and said they did it out of recklessness.


Mr Vorathep Charoenpornpanich videotaped the 2 American youths using a green maker pen to scribble “wake up,”  a triangle, a rectangle and an exclamation mark on power poles, telephone booths and light boxes at 4 areas of Silom road as they walked through.

He added that they did not show any signs of regret as he videotaped them and so he shared the clip on Facebook.

This has been shared 5,200 times and viewed by 1.1 million people, with many making critical comments.

This morning Bang Rak officials painted over what the 2 American youths had scribbled on Silom road, but Vorathep said they should have been made to clean up and not the officials.


Top: The young American woman scribbling graffiti in Silom yesterday afternoon. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: One of the graffiti the 2 youths scribbled in a phone booth. Photo: Thai News Agency