Auntie returns home to find it gone.

An auntie returned home but it was gone, the only thing left on the land were cement pillars. The victim later revealed to Sanook News team that it was the works of her own relatives. Uthai 57 year old from Udon Thani Province lost her home that she used her own money to build. The land was purchased from her own uncle and aunt-in-law. The news team went to visit the land and found 18 cement pillars with remains of the home that used to stand. Uthai stated she purchased the land for 20,000 THB in 2001 from her aunt-in-law but did not make a sales contract due to trust. 


Credit: Sanook


At the time she believed because they were relatives, there was nothing to worry about. After buying the land she went to work in Bangkok with her husband and children. She would send money regularly to her aunt-in-law as cost to build the home. Together the money amounts to over 200,000 THB. Then in 2013 her husband died and the funeral took place in this home. The family returned to Bangkok. They returned again for her grandmother’s funeral in 2021 and the home was still there. The latest visit on 25 January 2021 brought great shock to the auntie as her home was demolished. 



The aunt-in-law stated she was the one who destroyed the home. When asked why, she stated the land was never considered sold as there is no contract and therefor no proof of sales. The victim revealed she planned to move into the home permanently after retiring at 60. The aunt-in-law stated her husband who is the uncle will not give this land to anyone. Uthai and her daughters are now living with Uthai’s sister in Sakon Nakhon Province. Uthai wishes the aunt would at least feel sorry for her daughters who now have no where to call home. A report has been filed with the police and hopefully officials can help bring the family justice. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The aunt-in-law stated because there was no contract, the land never belonged to the victim. 


Source: Sanook