Australian man arrested, hiding from drug case in Thailand.

An Australian man has been arrested in Phuket Province. The man is wanted by Australian officials but has been hiding in Thailand. He used a student visa to enter the country and was arrested with his girlfriend while leaving a fancy villa. Immigration police arrested Robert Wenright and was delivered to the Phuket Immigration Police. Thai officials were contacted by Australian officials working on a mission named “Lesalam”. This mission has been investigating drug and weapons cases. Some suspects managed to leave Australia. 



Thai officials started working on the information and an investigation revealed a man named Robert has been living in Phuket on a student visa. Robert often acted suspiciously and it was clear he was hiding from something. If anything needed to be done in connection with business or daily needs, it is done by his Australian girlfriend. He also changed his address regularly so he could not be tracked down. Police found out where he was currently residing and kept a watch on Robert. Police Major General Pantana Nuchnarot and related officials gave orders to arrest the suspect on 10 August 2023. 



Offcials surrounded the areas and at 11.30 they spotted Robert with his girlfriend driving out of the villa. They followed the two before presenting themselves. Officials asked to see Robert’s documents and information matched what the Australian officials sent over. Robert has been arrested and is waiting for prosection at the provincial immigration office. The investigation will continue to find any other suspects using Thailand to hide from their crimes. Police have the goal to protect the safety of the people and all visitors.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Australian officials suspected Robert might be hiding in Thailand. He was arrested while with his Australian girlfriend. 

Source: Khaosod