Baby girl’s birth in pickup truck seen as lottery tip

IN lottery-mad Thailand the birth of a baby girl in a pickup truck just meters from the hospital this morning (May 30, 2018) was seen as a good omen by people in the vicinity who quickly took photos of the license plate number to buy matching lottery tickets, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Mrs Phanee Thongbai, 28, gave birth to the baby girl in her Isuzu pickup truck, with the Songkhla-registered license plate number being Phor Thor 2182, just opposite Hat Yai Hospital in the southern city of the same name.

The hospital had quickly sent a medical team to help her, but when they got there the baby girl had already been born. Phanee’s husband, sitting by her side, said this is their second child and he is delight.

Both mother and the healthy baby were quickly taken to the hospital, but when people in the area found out about this baby being born in the pickup truck outside the hospital, they quickly took photos of the license plate number in case some of the good luck rubs off on them.


Top: The healthy baby girl who was born in a pickup truck this morning. Photo: Matichon