A Bentley supercar catches fire in the heart of the city

A  Bentley supercar was completely destroyed by a fire at Lumpini Park’s car park last evening with the blaze spreading to a BMW sedan parked next to it, Thai News Agency said today (May 23).

Bentley destroyed

Lumpini police rushed to the car park and found that the black Bentley was completely destroyed while the rear right end of a metallic grey BMW X5 sedan parked nearby was damaged.

Miss Janice Veeraphon, 36, the driver said she had gone to exercise in Lang Suan area and was driving back when she saw smoke billowing out of the vehicle so quickly parked it at the park’s car park.

Police initially think a short circuit triggered the fire and are estimating the damage.


Top and inset: The completely destroyed Bentley luxury sedan at Lumpini Park’s car park. Photo: Thai News Agency


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