Cable theft gang arrested, all prison regulars.

Cable theft gang has been arrested, though they are used to the process as each member has been in and out of prison at least 10 times. A good citizen in Pracha Chuen area notified the police of 3 suspicious persons cutting the communication cables in Bang Sue District, Bangkok on 27 April 2023. Police went to the location and found the suspects while loading the cables into large bags. The suspects all tried to run away and 2 were caught. Chatchai Pitakwong 47 years old and Kwanhathai Jongprajan 45 years old were arrested. 



The police also found evidence including 2 motorbikes, one with a Bangkok license plate and one with no license plate. Equipment was also found along with the cable. The gang managed to cut down 23 cables, each measuring 2.5 meters. The suspects then led police to their room where a large bag of copper was found. Officials also found Yaba pills and items for drug use. Both suspects admitted they took some Yaba pills before going out to commit the crime. The other suspect that ran away is Nipat Chinlee 36 years old. The gang works together in stealing communication cables regularly. They will peal the cable and remove the copper inside for sale. 



Chatchai has been arrested over 20 times with charges relating to drugs and theft. Kwanhathai has been arrested 15 times for drugs, gambling, and theft charges. Both reveal they are not stressed if they have to return to prison because they are used to the process. Kwanhathai reveals she couldn’t run away from the police because she was under the influence of Yaba and could not run properly. Both suspects are now with the police waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Chatchai has been arrested over 20 times and is not worried if he returns to prison

Source: Khaosod