Chaos at famous store! Blackout traps shoppers in lifts

AN hour-long blackout starting 3.30 pm today (July 21, 2018) left shoppers trapped in lifts at a famous store in Siam area of the city with many people tweeting about the chaos and misery they went through, reported.

Twitter users said the power outage plunged the food zone, car park, movie hall into darkness, with lots of people stuck in the store’s many lifts.

Some of them said while there were emergency lights in the food zone,  shoppers were unable to leave because the cash machine was not working.

One woman stuck in one of the lifts tweeted the following:

“Just a while ago I was stuck in the lift amid the blackout. Had to wait for the mechanic to prise open the door, the guard outside said that the mechanic had to deal with over 20 lifts and was working as quickly as possible.

“We waited and waited, but our turn did not come, I could not breathe, was breathing through the mouth, it was worse that drowning.

“Thought of smashing the glass above, but this did not look like an ordinary lift. Got out because the power returned”

Moreover Ramathipbodi Hospital, which is nearby this area, also had a blackout for an hour same as this store.

At 4.54 p.m. JS 100 Radio reported that Metropolitan Electricity Authority in Klong Toey said that the power outage was due to a problem with a transmission line which led to electricity failure in a wide area across Rama 4 road and Pathumwan district, but power is now flowing normally.


Top and below: The famous store in Siam area of the city cloaked in darkness during the hour-long power outage this afternoon. Photos:
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