Dead woman’s relatives take her coffin to CSD police

THE relatives of a young woman who died mysteriously after falling from a trailer truck in nearby Ayutthaya province today (July 30, 2018) took her coffin to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police to seek justice, Thai News  Agency reported.

Led by Mr Atchariya Ruengratnapong , president of Help Crime Victim Club, the relatives of Miss Narikarn Yavirat or Nong Ying, who died on July 19, also intend file a complaint against Bang Pa-in police station for failure to carry out their duties with the head of Region 1 Police tomorrow.

Mr Atchariya want CSD police to take action against Miss Sirinath Ropram, Mr Suraphol Darakham (nickname Off) and Mr Top (real name and surname unknown) on the charges of covering up a murder.

Mr Atchariya said an autopsy by Thammasat University Hospital showed that Nong Ying’s skull had cracked after being bashed with a blunt object, particularly the occipital lobe.

However Bang Pa-in police station had not taken any action and told the dead woman’s relatives to go find evidence on their own.

Only after complaints were made with the help of the media did Bang Pa-in police station proceed with a case of detaining another person against the suspects.

Mr Subin Yavirat, Nong Ying’s father, accepted that those involved had said right from the start that it was an accident because she jumped from the trailer truck. However police did not question anyone nor did they check the area where she died, looking at this as an accident, and also told the relatives to go find evidence on their own

They find evidence with Nong Ying having telephoned her friend asking for help and there is also the autopsy result, he added.

Bang Pa-in police station have now arranged a questioning to take place tomorrow, he said.


Top: Nong Ying’s coffin and photo being taken to the CSD police headquarters. Photo: Thai News Agency