Divers head out to search for missing Russian woman

A TEAM of volunteer Thai and foreign divers headed out from Surat Thani’s Koh Tao island harbor this morning to search for a Russian woman missing for over 20 days with the aim being to dive and hunt for her in the deep waters of Chalok Bay near her lodging, Thai News Agency said today (March 7)

Boat searching for missing Russian tourist.jpg,oneA total of 15 volunteer divers together with free diving gear set out from Koh Tao’s harbor this morning to search for Valentina Novozhyonova, 23, a young tourist who has been missing since February 15 after putting off the search from yesterday afternoon because a lot of oxygen tanks had to be filled in order to search longer in the waters than normal.

The 15 divers will be searching the bay’s waters near her lodging and this area has a lot of rocky recesses.

Ms Vatentina reached Koh Tao and checked into her lodging on February 11 and people last saw her on February 15 with there only being her belongings left behind at the lodging


Top: The search boat is loaded with lots of oxygen tanks. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: The search boat heads out to Chalok Bay from Koh Tao island. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: Valentina Novozhyonova has been missing since February 15. Photo: Thai News  AgencyMissing Russian tourist Valentina



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