Strange find likely to be teeth of primitive elephant

EXCITEMENT filled the air at a district in northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima province, or Korat, after a local man found what appears to be 3 teeth of a primitive elephant while fishing in a stream yesterday, reported this morning (August 15, 2018).

The supposedly 3 teeth of a Jurassic era elephant are each 20 centimeters long, 16 centimeters wide and weigh half a kilogram.

Mr Mr Chuea Kosum, 63, a resident at Mueang Yang district, said while he was fishing at a stream he was stunned to see pieces that looked like teeth but had almost turned into rocks.

He collected them and brought them back home and called the village headman to come and inspect them.

Locals believe these are teeth of a millions of years old primitive elephant because their forefathers had told them that they had also found such teeth in this area.

Experts are heading to this district to inspect the fascinating find.


Top: What appears to be teeth of a millions of years old elephant found in a Korat stream yesterday. Photo: