Famous fortune-teller sues over fake love spell post

A FAMOUS Thai fortune-teller filed charges against a Facebook user who posted his photograph to promote the casting of love spells, working out black magic tricks and sale of talismans which fooled many people, Thai News Agency said this morning (Oct. 5).

At 11 pm last night Akhaphon Phuangnak, 46, a resident of Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district and famous as fortune-teller Aey Phalang Chakawarn presented evidence when filing charges against Facebook user Sanay Khemensaidam at Pak Kret police station claiming that on  Sunday October 1 the latter posted his photo on his page and fooled people into believing he is offering a service to cast love spells, work out black magic tricks and selling talismans.

Akhaphon said many people fell into this trap and transferred money for love spells and talismans which ruined his reputation and if he did not sue then more would be swindled.

Police investigators are initially checking the information the victim submitted before chasing and questioning this Facebook user.


Top: Akhaphon filing charges at Pak Kret police station last night. Photo: Thai News Agency