Thief cleans out drunk man asleep in his car

A BADLY drunk man who somehow dropped his car key and fell off to sleep in his vehicle parked at a roadside with the boot open woke up the next morning to discover that a thief had taken a lot of his valuable possessions, INN News reported today (June 26, 2018).

The car owner, Mr Songpol Mathibeekhai, 34, a resident of northeastern Khon Kaen city, admitted that he was very drunk and had left the boot of his silver-color sedan open while searching for his car key, with this probably attracting the thief.

When he came to again at 7 a.m.  he found that a Mac Pro notebook worth almost 70,000 baht, 2 mobile phones, a wallet with some money in it which he had put at the passenger seat next to him, his ID card and 2 ATM cards had disappeared.

A roadside CCTV camera images shows a teenager driving up to his car on his motorcycle, parking it and peering into the vehicle. The young thief then went to the open boot and took some valuables. After that he opened a rear door and took some more stuff and once through he pushed his motorbike a certain distance before kick starting it and disappearing.

Unfortunately the security camera was not able to catch the motorcycle’s license plate.


Top: The silver color sedan parked at the roadside with the boot open. Photo: INN News