First 3 days of Songkran 98K cases of Drunk Driving.

The first 3 days of Songkran from the 11th to the 13th of this month 98,808 drunk drivers have already been caught driving under the influence of Alcohol. This does not even include the unknown drunk drivers on the road during the Long Songkran Festival that is a national holiday for Thailand.


Credit: CBS News
Credit: CBS News


Sririjan Knathong (Ying), MD, from the National Council of Peace and Order (NCPO) reported that currently, the main roads of each city in Thailand is participating in the Songkran celebration, the local governments are hosting events such as the celebration of Thai New Year and water wars for the locals in each area.


The Police in each area has been keeping a watch on citizens to make sure that each event runs through smoothly without interruptions. Local officials have also helped to make sure that citizens that come to join the water wars follow out the rules issued by the Government this year.


Police and Officials have reported that most citizens have been respectful towards the rules. The water wars are fun but respect is given between each other on the roads. The Government wishes to warn us, citizens, to be careful and not to play out in the sun for too long as the heat is extremely hot during this period in Thailand. Also, try not to be in crowded places for too long as heat plus a lack of oxygen is definitely no joke and can become life-threatening in cases of heat strokes.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The traffic police have issued a slogan for this year’s Songkran Celebration which is “Drink Not Drive, Seize your car”. The police have reported that just on the 13th of this month alone, over 32,772 motorbike drivers were caught driving drunk on the road. A total of 973 cases where motorbikes ended up being temporarily seized by the police. A total of 25,446 cases will be prosecuted in court accordingly to the counts of violations of the law.


As for public transportation cars and personal cars on the 13th, over 25,446 car drivers were caught with higher alcohol levels than legal while on the road. Out of such number, 1,972 drivers had their driver’s license temporary seized. A number of 330 passengers had their car temporary seized, and a total of 15,049 drivers will be prosecuted accordingly to the traffic violations that they have committed, with one charge of DUI guaranteed, other charges will be judged in court along with the evidence from each separate case.


FB Caption: From the 11th to the 13th of this month, the first 3 days of Songkran has brought us a total of 98,808 cases of DUI and a number of 2,294 vehicles have been temporarily seized by the police.


Source: Sanook, INN News