Thai food exports bounding ahead in Switzerland

THE Commerce Ministry said today (Oct. 23) that ready-to-eat Thai food is now doing very well in Switzerland and this is a golden opportunity for both Thai food and eco-friendly packaging exporters to expand there, Thai News Agency reported.

Chinthira Yimraewat Wiwatnarat, director of Commerce Ministry’s  Department of International Trade Promotion, said ready-to-eat and ready-to-go Thai food are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland and while this is an opportunity to expand the market there it is important to remember that Swiss people prefer strong paper packaging that are environmentally friendly.

Cutlery such as spoons, forks and knives have to be given along with the food containers, she added.

The food should not just be beautifully arranged but also convenient to eat and take home, she said, adding that Thai food sales have increased to as much as 200 items a day and among them are salad, bread, sandwich and other dishes.

Trade between Thailand and Switzerland in the first 8 months of this year reached 7,557.32 million US dollars with this divided into 2,977.75 million US dollars of exports and 4,579.57 million US dollars imports.

Important Thai exports to Switzerland include gems and jewelry, watches and watch parts, cars and car parts, machinery and machine parts, travel products, cosmetics, soap, skin products and canned food.


Top: A Mandarin-Thai restaurant at picturesque Swiss harbor town Rorschach. Photo: Kecko (CC-BY-2.0)