Grandpa found unconscious with 121 lottery tickets worth 300K

A 69-year-old grandpa was involved in an accident and was found unconscious with 121 government lottery tickets, the tickets were all winning tickets with small prizes and the total winnings almost reached 300,000 THB. The local rescue team is searching for relatives of the grandpa after he was found unconscious on the road. Pairach Rattanabunget, a member of the Ruamkatanyu Rescue Team in Nonthaburi province contacted Sanook News about the grandpa. The accident on Ngamwongwan Road was between 2 motorbikes with 3 injured persons, 1 being critically injured. 


Credit: Sanook


The rescue team found a black Phantom motorbike with a 530 license plate on the road. The driver Viporn 69-year-old was lying on the road unconscious by the motorbike. The accident took place at 5.30 on 19 October 2020. Members made sure he was safe before the grandpa was delivered to the Phra Nang Klao Hospital. The rescue team doesn’t know who to contact as no one has shown up for the grandpa. The team tried to find more information about the grandpa and opened his motorbike. 


This is when they found 121 lottery tickets. All of these tickets are winning tickets from the latest lottery draw on 16 October 2020, some won the two-digit suffix with the number 38, each ticket will bring you a prize of 2,000 THB per ticket. There were also tickets that won the three-digit suffix prize with the number 045 and 980, each ticket will bring you a prize of 4,000 THB. Some tickets also won the three-digit prefix with the number 189 and 464, each ticket will bring you a prize of 4,000 THB. The team has placed all lottery tickets with police and filed a report as evidence that all tickets belong to the grandpa. 



The other vehicle was a blue Yamaha motorbike but the license plate is unknown. The driver and the passenger were both women who have been slightly injured in the accident. Pairach stated he is not sure how Viporn is doing and whether any relatives have visited him. Hopefully, his family has heard the news so they can contact officials for Viporn’s lottery tickets. Pairach believes Viporn is a person who buys winning tickets in exchange for a percentage of the winnings, which could explain why he had so many winning tickets with small prizes. The grandpa was driving to cash the tickets in at the Government Lottery Office. 


FB Caption: All were winning tickets with small prizes ranging from 2,000-4,000 THB per ticket. 


Source: Sanook