Hungry wild elephants raid plantation, orchard

OFFICIALS and villagers joined forces in investigating a raid on a rubber plantation and fruit orchard in the northeastern Bueng Kan province by hungry wild elephants, Thai News Agency said today (March 30).

An unknown number of wild elephants came down from Phu Wua mountain to search for food near a village in Bung Khla district and caused a lot of damage over a wide area.

House damaged by wild elephantsA house build in the middle of the orchard was also damaged by the elephants. The investigating team found both big and small elephant footprints all around.


Top: Branches and leaves pulled down by an unknown number of elephants.  Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: The house which the wild elephants heavily damaged. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The investigating team looks at large elephant footprints. Photo: Thai News Agency

Wild elephant footprints


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