Little brother uses Big brother’s name scamming people in Isan.

A Big brother has come out to declare that he no longer wants to be associated with his little brother who has been using Big brother’s identity in scamming people around Isan. Isan is a part of the Northeastern region of Thailand with 20 Provinces. The Big brother is now in trouble with the police due to evidence pointing out his ID card information.


Police Major General Woranat Panpon from the Udonthani Provincial Police and Police from the Crime Prevention and Suppression Unit in Udonthani reported on the 23rd of this month (June 2019) with 2 victims Pakdee 56 years old and Thongkam 39 years old on the arrest of the suspect Thongdam 37 years old.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Thongdam is a person with no information in the Civil Registration with no ID documents. Thongdam is arrested on charges of fraudulent acts by taking on the identity of another person. He was arrested with evidence including a Mitsubishi car, 2 phones, and fraudulent hire of work contract using the name of Thongkam, his big brother in hiring other persons.


The police have revealed there has been someone acting as a representative for a Tawainese construction company with a project to build a 14-kilometer wall in Chiang Pin, Udonthani City. Pakdee believed the lies and lost over 250,000 THB this month.


The police arrested Thongdam the suspect in Suwankuha District, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province. The evidence discovered included a land title deed and a fake hire of the work contract that uses his brother’s name Thongkam. The contract was used to fraudulently hire contractors for a fake project. The police seized the evidence and brought Thongdam to the police station.


Thongdam admitted that in the past he lived in Srangkom District, Udonthani Province. After he moved, he forgot the address. The police suspected that many points in the statement of the suspect sounded suspicious and repetitive. Adding to the fact that Thongdam had a photocopy of Thongkam’s ID and Thongdam was nowhere to be found in the civil registration.



The police called Thongkam in and discovered that he was the big brother of the suspect. Thongkam came to the police with family relatives, making Thongdam lose to the evidence. Thongkam works as a farmer, but Thongdam has used his identity to commit fraudulent acts against innocent people bringing trouble to his name.


This is not the first time Thongdam’s action has brought trouble to Thongkam, he has already been prosecuted in 2 cases in Nong Bua Lam Phu Province where he cheated victims 48,000 THB and 280,000 THB. Thongkam had to take responsibility for what he did not commit.


Family relatives have tried to take Thongdam to make his ID, but every time Thongdam ran away. Then 5 to 6 years ago, Thongdam came asking for a copy of Thongkam’s ID with no signature signed on top and no stated purpose written on the copy. Thongkam didn’t think that his brother would use his identity to commit illegal acts.


Thongkam officially declares that he wants nothing to do with his little brother. He is also happy that Thongdam is arrested so he can be free from the charges committed by Thongdam in his name.


FB Caption: Thongkam works as a farmer, but Thongdam has used his identity to commit fraudulent acts against innocent people bringing trouble to his name.


Source: Sanook