Malaysian Man arrested connected to call center gang.

Thai Police are breaking down call center gangs operating from Thailand and members connected to the gangs. A Malaysian man has been arrested working for a call center gang. The suspect also had 10 SIM box machines and a direct connection to the big boss located outside of Thailand. Police Region 5 and related offcials previously arrested a call center gang in Chiang Mai Province. 2 suspects were arrested along with 5 Sim box machines. The investigation continued and evidence shows orders were given by a man named Lee from Malaysia. Police discovered where he lived and requested a search warrant from the Thon Buri Criminal Court.  



Lee lives in a condo in Rama 2, Bangkok. Police inspected the room and found evidence including a computer, phones, and a DHL bill for a shipment sent to Taiwan. Lee stated he is responsible for finding bank accounts for his boss in Taiwan. He would receive orders through the Telegram app. The bank accounts are then sent to Taiwan for a price of 25,000 THB per bank account. Information on the orders and the payer is kept inside his personal computer. Lee gave orders to the previous suspects that were arrested to help find him Thai bank accounts. 



The suspects would approach Thai citizens to open Bank accounts in their names but the bank book will be kept with the suspects or sent to the boss. A Chinese boss had hired Lee to install the SIM boxes in Thailand in exchange for 25,000 THB per month. The investigation also led to 2 more apartment rooms in Nakhon Pathom Province. The rooms were searched and 5 more SIM box machines were found. This is a total of 10 SIM box machines seized. Police will continue to investigate this call center gang and other gangs operating from Thailand.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The Malaysian man receives orders from a boss in Taiwan. 

Source: Khaosod