Myanmar general crosses over to take workers back home

THE head of Myanmar’s Southeast Command crossed over to Mae Sot with 50 trucks to take Myanmar workers back home today (July 5), INN News said.

Maj. Gen. Mea Win was accompanied by his soldiers and the 50 medium-sized trucks emblazoned with Myanmar flags parked in front of the Thai Immigration building as they took 500 workers back to their country.

Myanmar general cross over to Mae Sot (2)

The arrival of these Myanmar trucks caused a big confusion and led to a huge traffic jam lasting over an hour in the area.

Maj. Gen. Mea Win, who was welcomed by Pol. Col. Mann Ratanaprateep, director of Tak Immigration (Mae Sot area), asked the Thai authorities to carefully check and take care of his countrymen returning home.

He urged the Thai authorities to ensure that Myanmar workers only cross over through the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge at Mae Sot.

Pol. Col. Mann said he had told officials to publicize this information among Myanmar returnees and also warn them that they could be punished if they did not return via this channel but despite this some of them have sneaked across the border but the total is not very large.


Top:  Thai officers talking to Maj. Gen. Mea Win in Mae Sot today. Photo: INN News

Inset: Myanmar workers returning home. Photo: INN News




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