Nigerian man illegally entered Thailand found with cocaine.

A Nigerian man who entered Thailand illegally 2 years ago has been found and arrested, officials also found cocaine in the man’s possessions. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of a Nigerian man who has been living in Thailand without permission. Officials received information that the man was residing at a condo in Suan Luang District, Bangkok, and was driving a Toyota Vios with a Bangkok license plate. The man was tracked down until he was spotted in the condo parking lot. 


Officials found Ubah 31 years old from Nigeria while he was entering the car. Police presented themselves and asked to search the man. They found an iPhone 7 on the man and cocaine in the car, there were 12 small ziplock bags of cocaine placed in a white bag. The cocaine found weighed about 10 grams in total, it is unclear whether it was for personal use or for distribution. The bag was hidden under the steering wheel. The suspect then showed officials the room he was staying in. Officials inspected the room and found a bank book. When asked for documents showing his entry into the Kingdom, the man had none. Ubah admitted that he illegally entered the country 2 years ago. 


Ubah revealed to the police that the cocaine was purchased from another Nigerian man named Bonzo. Bonzo is a member of a big drug gang in Thailand. Officials will be using the information received from Ubah to continue their investigations against other drug gang members. The information shows that there are other foreigners in the gang. Officials received information that a Nigerian man has been living in Bangkok for years after he illegally entered the country. An investigation was started leading to the discovery of where he lived. They kept an eye on him until it was certain that this was the man. He was searched and arrested on the spot. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The man was found in a condo parking lot, there were 12 small bags of cocaine under the steering wheel. 


Source: INN News