Painter’s rope was cut while on the 32nd floor.

A painter was working hanging on the side of a condominium when someone cut his safety rope. The painter survives thanks to a resident on the 26th floor who saw the man dropping and opened her balcony door for him to come in. The police stated they have a good idea of who cut the rope. The painter later shared his experience online with the caption “My legs were shaking. I was painting the side of a building when my rope was cut. I couldn’t continue working. Lucky someone was sitting outside on their balcony. I asked for help. I am not afraid of heights but this case sure made my legs shake”. The incident took place at around lunchtime on 12 October 2021. 2 painters were working on the 32nd floor which is the highest floor of the building when someone cut one of the safety ropes. 


Credit: Sanook


When the painter started falling he tried to ask for help from residents inside their room. One of the residents heard the man and helped him get inside. Song 21-year-old from Myanmar stated to Sanook News that he started working on the 32nd floor, as he dropped down slowly to the 30th floor he noticed the rope felt heavier than usual. He looked down and noticed a hand cutting his safety rope. The rope then started to fall down below. Pak Kret Police in Nonthaburi Province stated they have a good idea of who the suspect is on 16 October 2021. Officials visited the condo on the 15th and asked to inspect the suspect’s balcony. 



The suspect let police enter inside and search the balcony area. Police will be interviewing the 2 painters again to gather more information on the incident. Investigation officers are collecting evidence and will send in a request for an arrest warrant. The rope that was cut is now in evidence, police used this to find fingerprints as the suspect held onto the rope while he was cutting it. Hopefully, the suspect will be brought in and prosecuted according to the law. The painter was very lucky as he managed to hold onto a balcony, it all happened very quickly and death came very near. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The painter was extremely lucky as a resident on the 26th floor helped him get inside safely. 


Source: Sanook