Pedophile jumps off train to his karma –

July 13 at 6 pm, Pol.Capt. Saiyon Kuennokkhum from Cha-am police station, Petchaburi Province, was notified by State Railway of Thailand (SRT) staff about an elderly man falling from a train to his injury near the province’s Bang Kwai railroad crossing and whom was reportedly helped and taken to the Cha-am hospital by rescue staff.

The injured man was identified later as Mr Sompis, 63, who had a pain in both thighs. A background check also revealed that he is under an arrest warrant issued by Prachin Buri court on the charge of abduction of a child younger than 15 years old from parents or guardians by force and without consent which could be sentenced to 15 years jail term. The incident took place on June 27 in Sri Maha Phot, Prachin Buri.

The lawsuit said Ms Som (pseudonym), 32-year-old parent of Bomb (pseudonym), 13 years old fifth grade student of a school in Prachinburi province, told the media that the 63-years-old Mr Sompis, riding an old white motorcycle of an unknown brand, lured her boy by asking him to help look for his friend from the same class. He had photos of boy’s friend to show him.

After Bomb tried to help him by looking around the school but failed to find his friend,  Mr Sompis asked Bomb to ride with him and take him to Bomb’s friend’s house to see the father instead. On the way, while passing an isolated eucalyptus forest, Mr Sompis stopped the motorcycle and persuaded the boy to touch his nipples while trying to take off his trousers. Bomb resisted and did not cooperate only to get attacked and hit several times by Sompis. Bomb then pretended to be hurt more than he actually was. He bent down, sat and curled up.

While the man was removing his pants, thinking he had the control, the boy ran off and successfully got to his parents and told them what was going on. The parents then took the boy to Sri Maha Bodhi Police Station, Prachin Buri, filed a report and pressed a charge. The police checked the CCTV and confirmed the old man’s identity as Sompis Kerdkaew who was the suspect of this case and was the same man who was treated at the hospital.

The police checked and found that Mr Sompis was on the train to Hua Hin. On the arrival in Cha-am he was frightened by the presence of the police so he tried to escape by jumping off the train only to be injured in both his thighs and getting arrested later on.

Cha-am police have contacted Sri Maha Pho police in Prachin Buri province to come and take Mr Sompis, the suspect under an arrest warrant of Prachin Buri court, to eventually be prosecuted and sentenced.


Top: Sompis Kerdkaew in the hospital after injuring both thighs. Photo:

Picture and story from

By Piboon Awasdaruharote


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