Police Chief: Clear evidence ties 5 suspects to arms find

NATIONAL Police Chief Pol.Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda said today (Dec.8) there is clear evidence that a former PM’s office minister, Jakrapob Penkair, former deputy commander of the 3rd Army Region, Lt. Gen. Manas Paorik, and 3 other suspects against whom warrants have been issued are linked to the large cache of war weapons found in Chachoengsao province recently, INN News reported.

However Jakrapob denied the charges and now intends to travel to many friendly countries, as well as the Interpol, to state his innocence without waiting for the Foreign Ministry to accuse him first.

Pol.Gen. Chakthip said serial numbers engraved on the grenades in the arms cache showed a link to the unrest in 2014.

However whether or not the large arms cache is linked to other groups is still being investigated, he said, but adding that initial evidence does show links to groups on the opposite side of the government, as well as red hardcore and other old groups which previously triggered incidents.


Top: Pol.Gen. Chakthip talking to the press today. Photo: INN News