Sharks spotted hunting near Krabi island beach

CONSTANT heavy rain brought on by the monsoons has led to schools of blacktip reef sharks hunting for food near Hong Island beach off southern Krabi province almost every morning, Thai News Agency reported today (Oct. 15).

Mr Champen Phromphakdi, chief of security at Hong Island which is part of Than Bok Khorani National Park, said the approximately 10 blacktip reef sharks, each around 1 to 1.50 meters long, spent 30 minutes hunting a large school of mackerels near the beach before heading back  into the deep water early this morning.

More sharks

He added that these sharks do not come and hunt for food near the beach often but tend to do so more frequently when the monsoons set in and trigger heavy rain with their pattern being to come early in the morning.

However this year they seem to be coming every day.

Champen also said that these sharks usually hunt at night around this island which is only open for day visits with no overnight stays allowed. This area is rich hunting ground for them because fishing is strictly forbidden around the island and officials warn locals and tourists not to harm the sharks as they do not harm humans.


Top: Some of the blacktip reef sharks seen hunting near Hong Island beach this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency