Summer storms hit Nan destroying 200 houses

SUMMER storms lashed three districts in northern Nan province last night and before dawn today (April 13) leading to over 200 houses being destroyed and many power poles and trees knocked down with officials rushing to help those affected, Thai News Agency said.

During the middle of last night and then again before dawn today summer storms raged in Muang, Pua and Chiang Klang districts for around an hour leading to over 200 houses being destroyed and many metal roofs blown away.

At Muang’s Bo subdistrict strong winds toppled trees which had intertwined with a power pole and this in turn fell over a motorcycle and destroyed it but there were no injuries or deaths;

Officials are quickly moving in to check the situation and help the victims.

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department warned today that a high-pressure area in China will extend to cover the Northeast, the East, the Central and the North during April 13-14 with this likely leading to summer thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail in upper Thailand. Easterly winds prevail over the South and Gulf of Thailand triggering isolated thundershowers in the South.

During April 15-16 this high pressure will likely weaken and cause less rain in upper Thailand.

During April 17-19 a low pressure will cover lower Bay of Bengal with this strengthening as it moves northwards to upper Bay of Bengal and likely leading to thundershowers in western Thailand.

The weathermen say Bangkok faces scattered thunderstorms and gusty winds during April 13-15 with the minimum temperature being 24-27 °C and maximum temperature 32-34°C.


Top: Photo shows the destruction caused by summer storms in Nan last night and before dawn today. Photo: Thai News Agency



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