Taxi driver returns funeral donations back to grieving daughter.

A taxi driver returned 130,000 THB back to a passenger who had just lost her mother. The daughter believes that this is the last gift from her mom, to make sure that all 3 children don’t struggle with financial burdens. The taxi driver is Nipon Pitakpuban 70 years old and the passenger is Bunhome Kaewmong who works at an advertising agency. Bunhome forgot the cash on Nipon’s taxi at 4.00 am on 4 March 2020. The taxi driver is seen handing the cash back to the passenger at the FM91 Station.


Nipon drives a pink-purple taxi in Bangkok. He revealed that during the night he had just dropped off a group of passengers consisting of 2 women and a man in front of the Ratchawithi Hospital. As he was looking for other passengers and was at an intersection, Nipon looked behind him and saw a purse placed on the passenger seat. He reached and grabbed the purse before looking to see what was inside. There was cash inside with many envelopes, similar to funeral envelopes commonly handed out at funerals for donations. Nipon called FM91 right away and made it a mission to return the purse back to the owner.


Nipon stated that on one of the envelopes there was a writing that said: “My condolences to you on the loss of your mother, hope this donation helps with the funeral costs”. Even if the economy has been down lately, Nipon refuses to keep the money and knew that the owner must be in terrible stress after realizing what she left behind.


Credit: INN News


Bunhome stated that she went to catch the Skytrain to work with her brother and sister at Ratchawithi Hospital in Victory Monument. She later realized that she had forgotten her purse on the taxi, inside was funeral donations for her mother who had just passed away on 26 February 2020. This was her first day back at work after the funeral in Phetchabun Province. About 5 minutes after leaving the taxi, Bunhome realized the big mistake. She went to file a report with the Phayathai Police and requested to view the security footage. This is when FM91 contacted her and said that the taxi driver already returned her belongings at the station.


Bunhome stated “I was so happy, I didn’t think that my purse would come back. The next passenger could’ve easily taken it with them as I left the purse behind the driver’s seat. I believe that my mother didn’t want us, to struggle, so she helped return the purse and all the cash inside. There was 134,420 THB inside, 82,020 THB cash was tied together, 10,700 THB was still in the envelopes, and a check for 41,700 from my company to help the funeral expenses. There was also a gold chain, everything was still there”. Bunhome handed 5,000 THB to Nipon as a gift for being a good person.


FB Caption: One of the envelopes stated: “My condolences to you on the loss of your mother, hope this donation helps with the funeral costs”.


Source: INN News